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    Life is full of challenges. When you are faced with the toughest challenges, you may find it tough to handle. When situations feel unmanageable, life may look even tougher. It has an impact on your feelings and thoughts. Welcome to Alpha Beta Behavioral to learn how to manage stress and implement healthy behavior. Our personalized treatment plans are created by our licensed clinical psychologists who are specialists in mental health treatment and have compassion in their hearts. A compassionate approach to patient care together with clinical expertise can bring about a world of difference in achieving optimal emotional health.

    Dr. Dwight Norman Jr., leads the team of mental health specialists at Alpha Beta Behavioral in Bakersfield California. We specializes in treating symptoms of depression and anxiety in children, adolescents, and adults. The behavioral management team understands that life does not care whether have 50 million other things on your to-do-list or you are really overwhelmed with bad relationship, or have kids that do not listen to you, or a job that you hate waking up for. Perhaps we understand the amount of everyday stress you are faced with. The list of stressors just goes on and on. When life gets to the point where you just had enough, there is still a lot more in life than stressing about it. You can still build the quality of life you deserve by learning to manage behavior and stress. Alpha Beta Behavioral specializes in psychology and behavior management services.

    Our practice specializes in treating individuals, couples and families and we offer comprehensive services dealing with: