• Meet our team

    Katy Caslav, LCSW

    As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Katy Caslav, enjoys being a part of people’s growth and increasing their quality of life. She also appreciates the therapeutic bond that forms throughout treatment. Growing in experience working with varied difficulties, learning from seasoned experts, and extending his talents are the things that excite him the most.

    She is most pleased with his certification in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which he earned after undergoing lengthy training and seeing significant improvements in his ability to work with trauma patients. Witnessing customers’ progress and positive improvement is the most gratifying component for him.

    Teaching or practicing any sort of mindfulness to clients is her preferred intervention. Breathing techniques, muscle relaxation, meditation, guided imagery, body scans, and physical forms such as walking and yoga are just a few examples. She feels that anybody can benefit from it, and her clients have had a lot of success with it!

    When clients have huge or tiny breakthroughs in therapy, that’s her favorite part of the session. It gives her and the patient a sense of achievement and confirms that the job they’re doing together is developing. She considers herself fortunate to have been a part of such a life-changing event for her patients.

    Clients that were open to new ideas or tactics, willing to adapt, and driven stimulated her.

    Trauma, parenting challenges, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, PTSD, ADHD, OCD, and life transitions are just a few of the issues she has helped patients with.

    TFCBT is a trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on helping people who have been through a traumatic event. She has also qualified in a court-approved parenting class that can aid with problems with children.